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System One helps businesses to ensure lasting success by making optimal use of the knowledge production factor.

Today, the requirements of classic organizational structure are well covered by traditional management strategies. Equally, modern instruments have brought process management issues under control. However, in today's market, not only products, but also services and even information increasingly turn into simple commodities, while supply chains are becoming more and more fragmented, leaving less and less potential for differentiation in the above-mentioned areas.

While processes are charted in seconds and material costs in Cents, the potential for optimization in other areas is often overlooked: on a daily basis, time is wasted by searching for information, by working on the same tasks in parallel, by inefficient communication systems such as email, and by employee's demotivation and discouragement because of a feeling of being lost in the data jungle. In this uncertain environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for both employees and management to proactively make decisions the individual worker is blocked, hindering a more efficient organization.

As a consequence, an increasingly critical challenge for management is to ensure that the knowledge production factor is made quickly accessible and deployable in an ongoing and business-wide manner. This is where System One's holistic understanding of business strategy and cutting-edge technological tools comes in: We help you to create a solid basis and a broad perspective that will put you in a long-term competitive position.