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Our Approach

Knowledge as an increasingly critical factor of success has to be boosted and maintained differently than capital or production-oriented job performance.

Numerous failed knowledge management projects show that the logistics of information does not follow the same laws as, say, the logistics of material goods. When it comes to knowledge, neither perfect scheduling and planning, nor strict surveillance, nor clearly structured, integrated workflow can guarantee success; it is not possible to plan in an anticipatory and centralistic fashion what piece of information will be needed at any given place. Decision makers must be able to act autonomously in order to enable their organizations to keep up with changing business environments. In order to do so, they need access to as much high quality information as possible, which is heavily dependent on the context and the individual staff members in charge of a particular task.

In a similar vein, the achievements of traditional process controlling cannot be transferred to communication processes easily either. Clearly structured internal processes and precise allocation of costs to clearly separated cost centers may be of priceless value in optimizing material use. However, when it comes to the knowledge production factor, seemingly efficient structures and processes can inhibit essential exchange of information. By imposing barriers to fruitful communication and the broadening of perspectives, the basis of collaborative knowledge creation is corrupted.

Finally, a misguided understanding of knowledge management has frequently led to unsatisfactory results when using information and communication technologies in an attempt to optimize the use of the knowledge production factor. Long-term success requires both a deeper understanding of an organization's information and communication structures and profound know-how about existing and emerging technological possibilities and limitations. It is this in-depth understanding of synergetic intelligence that enables System One to network the entire organization, the individual employees and cutting-edge technology with each other.

Our Approach