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Increasingly dynamic business environments call for more flexibility, that is: a clear perspective on unused potential and the strategic development of resources.

Globalization of markets, individualization of consumer behaviour, highly mobile capital and ongoing technological innovation: these are just some of the features of an increasingly networked and dynamic economy. In the long term, in order to safeguard added value, organzations and their links with business environments have to become more flexible and adaptive.

Operating in a complex field of relations with partners, production and distribution networks, today's businesses are forced to make flexible and efficient use of their resources in order to produce high added value and to assert themselves in increasingly competitive markets and fragmented, changing customer segments. A prerequisite for this is that sufficient up-to-date knowledge about these interdependent processes and the people and organizations involved is readily available.

This is where most traditional approaches in management fail: instead of boosting flexibility, they attempt to reduce uncertainty by trying to centrally control all organizational structures and processes. Change to organizational and workflow structure often happens slowly and remains restricted to management and staff. Also, it is frequently impossible to fully integrate partners, customers or competitors. Moreover, it is hard to improve and implement such changes more efficiently, given that the information and communication structures in businesses are usually not well understood.

Real-time access and deployment of knowledge must be established in a quick and business-wide manner in order to achieve a long-term advantage not easily copyable by competitors. Successful management of the knowledge production factor safeguards your organization's ability to produce high added value in the long term. For companies in the 21st century, this ability consitutes the critical factor of success.