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Individual Benefit

System One helps to save time by making it possible to informally jot down information about the daily work, link it up associatively and putting it in a business-wide context.

Inside and outside of organizations, piles and piles of mostly incoherent, confusing data have been accumulating. While the amount of both structured data in ERP, CRM or SCM systems and unstructured data in the form of emails, Office documents, web pages etc. keeps growing. The particular connections and coherence among these resources can only be made clear by humans, and that kind of knowledge is often not available outside of small, specialized circles.

The individual worker finds himself in a paradoxical field of both knowledge deficits and information overflow: urgently needed information cannot be found, or the sheer flood of information prevents a grasp of what's really important in a given situation.

Basing its results on an individual's own experiences, System One synergetically brings together human intelligence and machine power, thereby opening up a new perspective of an organization's knowledge:

  • The right perspective: System One presents both structured, unstructured and informal data in a dynamic, specifically task- and success-relevant manner. This is achieved through ongoing, intelligently automated analyses of all locally and globally available data and metadata.
  • The wider perspective: System One unveils previously hidden details, like the history of information-handling, thus enhancing social networking both inside and outside of the organization.
  • The more tangible perspective: System one delivers the right amount of information and context and allows for dynamic visualization and presentation of the information according to content-determined, task-oriented and user-specified criteria.

At any given place and time, the System One web application delivers a qualitatively and quantitatively adequate range of information and context. With its simple and intuitive navigation, it provides a high-quality basis for decision making, allowing each worker to significantly improve their own performance by making better informed, more sophisticated decisions, resulting in higher overall performance of the organization.

Individual Benefit