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Our platform is a smart combination of cutting-edge enabling technologies for personalized and collaborative use of information.

System One unites the best concepts for communicating and collaborating, as they have surfaced independently from each other on the internet, in a business-ready software package for organizing your information- and communication processes. System One actively helps the right people to find each other and to work together more efficiently.

System One provides you with technologies and processes that enable you to better access information and data in your business. Ideas, experiences and resources can be linked in an intelligent and intuitive way. Patterns, trends and connections in semantic data are automatically analyzed and presented. As opposed to sets of scattered tools, System One is fully integrated: it does not have a distractive effect, but highlights relevant information. It is not necessary to laboriously fill in knowledge databases: System One is an integrated part of your employees' daily routines and immediately makes them more efficient. This way, there is more time for more interesting tasks and better results.

By making it much easier for your employees to produce and process relevant information, the quality and effectiveness of work in your organization is improved. The time saved can be used for productive and creative work: the kind of work that is most important for your business' success and that leads to new products and opens up new markets and customer segments.