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System One combines human intelligence and machine power in an intuitive web-based application.

Click here to watch the screencast and see how System One works.

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Organize work: Simple note pages can hold all kinds of content and can easily be edited collaboratively. All the information is available in one place and can be accessed with any browser.





See context: In the background, emails, documents, old notes, database records and resources on the web relevant to the presently viewed note are continuously retrieved and presented in real time. Of course, all structured and unstructured sources can by searched in one place by traditional keyword search.





Different perspectives: Pages can be published to Journals (Weblogs) with just one click and journals can be grouped by Author, Location, Team and so on. Relations can easily be grasped via a graph view. There's also a timeline which shows who did what and when for every page, how was the perspective on an issue 6 months ago and how popular where certain resources over time.

Meaningful structures: Pages can hold input forms and be saved as templates. They can be extended with individual elements and linked with other resources. This way, structure (e.g. customer data, personal records, competitor profiles) can be added to the basic free-form pages.