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Social Software

We link Social Software with other enabling technologies, increasing and extending its uses and participation.

The term Social Software refers to systems that enable users to express, organize and communicate in a digitally addressable way. Today, the label "Social Software" is mostly applied to wikis, weblogs, content aggregators or specific services such as Wikipedia, Wordpress, Flickr or furl, taken by themselves or in combination. The major advantage of these systems is their high degree of usability and their immediate collaborative benefits for their users.

System One ensures that all users are equally and consistently motivated to use the system: relevant information fragments are presented in a web-based application, in context and in real time. Personal profiles acting as filters are supported and connections with other resources are automatically recognized. Since System One offers each user relevant, time-saving information in context and in real time, motivation and acceptability problems as sometimes encountered in traditional Social Software applications are eliminated.

System One embeds communication and collaboration tools in a business-ready software package and provides you with a standards-based application that can be seamlessly integrated with your company's IT infrastructure. We ensure that Social Software can be used effeciently in your organization.

Social Software